ESR 15

Özlem Gönülkırmaz Çançalar

Title: Bumblebee clock

Jerusalem small

Host Institution: University of Jerusalem
SupervisorProf Guy Bloch
Secondment: BCAS České Budějovice for two months for CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis, Wuerzburg University for two months for neuroanatomy and clock gene expression and Biobee for 2 months to learn to maintain bee colonies, controlled mating, response to pesticides.


Objectives: To determine how circadian clock genes regulate complex behaviours in the bumblebee. The circadian clock of bees influences complex behaviours such as time-compensated sun-compass navigation, time sensing, social synchronization, division of labour, and response to agrochemicals that are crucial for their social organization and foraging. However a genetic approach has not been attempted in order to definitively link the clock to these phenotypes. Using a molecular and mutagenesis approach we shall examine the expression patterns of clock genes in the bee brain both temporally and spatially under different environmental conditions and generate clock mutants to determine their effects on these complex behaviours.


About meI am from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. I received my Bsc. Degree in Biology Department and minor degree from Anthropology, in Ankara. During my bachelor’s years, I have gained some experience in the field of pollen analysis. After some research, I started to feel deep interest with circadian rhythm and neuroscientific approaches. This growing passion makes me search about this topic. After my graduation, I found an opportunity to study about circadian rhythm and time-restricted feeding applications in San Diego. This period changed my scientific life. Developing myself about circadian rhythm and behavioral techniques drives me for a master’s degree in Behavioral Neurobiology in Ankara. During my masters’ studies, I have done some behavioral and biochemical experiments with Wistar rats in a qualified laboratory.

 During my masters’ final stages, I have tried to manage a business and won lots of awards in the national and international area (Vienna/Austria and Rome/Italy) and also I have 2 patent-pending projects.

I enjoy with different experiences to gaining different perspectives. As I am fond of nature, as soon as I have time I do trekking. At the same time, I am an Argentine Tango dancer for 4 years. On the other hand, I am a big fan of Fantasy Role Playing at Science Fiction and Fantasy area.

 The unchanged thing about me is my passion in science and I believe that passion is the most powerful light which enlightens my scientific career path. Since my graduation from Bsc., I was looking for circadian rhythm pioneers around the world and read about their discoveries. Now, finding this opportunity with CINCHRON is a big chance for me to make my dreams happen.