LECCE, Italy

2nd-6th May

Lecce, Italy.
Accommodation: President Hotel, Via Antonio Salandra 6, 73100 Lecce
Venue for the presentations:
– Tuesday and Wednesday morning: Hotel business centre
– Wednesday afternoon to Friday: Monastero degli Olivetani

If you are flying to Brindisi, the best option from there is a bus to Brinsisi, and from there a train to Lecce.
Bus to Brindisi train station: buses are available at regular intervals from the airport and are scheduled around the flights. The Brindisi airport’s help desk provides all possible information regarding the transport to Brindisi.
Train to Lecce: you can search for times here. If you select “from Brindisi aeroporto” it will also show times of the buses from the airport.
The hotel is around 2km from the train station.

A group of CINCHRON students will be delivering outreach activities at a high school in Maglie, as part of the Apulian Festival of Science.

Tuesday/ Wednesday:
This series of talks are all about switching from academia to industry. We have invited former students from our previous network, INsecTIME (Emma O’Callaghan, Sanne Roessingh, and Theresa Flossner), who will talk about the transition to industry. Ed Green, will talk talk about start ups and crowd funding, as well as his experience in academia, in particular about swiching fields of study from PhD to PostDoc.

Martin Coffey, from the University of Leicester, will lead three sessions: 1. Deconstracting your PhD to identify transferable skills 2. Personal Development planning 3. Job searching
Bambos will lead a short practical on fellowship writing.

The students will gather, elect new representatives, who will collect questions for the Steering Committee

Student talks.
Prof Maria Pia Bozzetti research seminar.
Prof Paul Schmidt research seminar.
Final Steering Committee.

Student talks.
Final supervisory meetings. Students to fill in this form and send to their Committees one week before the meeting (please cc Valeria). Supervisory Committees have been adapted, as not all partners can attend the meeting. Please make sure you check the new comittees (and still include your supervisors in the email).