Our third network meeting will be held online on 24th-25th September.

A few useful information for the students:

  • On Wednesday 23rd September (or earlier) you will have to hold your Graduate Committee meeting. The student reps in charge to organise it (elected in Groningen) are: Aurore. Paolo, Abhijit, Yifan. At the meeting you will have to elect new representatives who will have to collect questions to present to the Steering Committee meeting on Friday (see programme).

  • Supervisory meetings will have to be organised by you and your committee, and will have to be held at some point in week following the meeting. Please take a proactive role in organising these. During these meetings you will have to discuss/amend Deliverables and deadlines, and update your Personal Development Plan (PDP). You can find your first year PDP in your individual page. Before your Supervisory meeting is held, please email everyone attending it your two PDPs (the first one, and the one completed now). After your Supervisory meeting has taken place please make sure to email me (cc your supervisor and co-supervisor(s)) any deviation form the plan, and your revised PDP.
  • More info for the Supervisory Committee meetings can be found here (password protected)
  • You can use up to 30 minutes to present your data, and you will have 10 minutes for questions and discussion.
  • Please make sure to include your name, University, and supervisor’s name at the bottom/side/top of every slide, I think it will make it easier to follow what’s happening.
  • Lock-down has been a very different experience in different countries/cities and accessibility to campus and labs has varied massively across Europe. If you could include briefly, at the beginning of the presentation, how long the labs were shut for, and when you were able to access facilities again and how often etc, it would be great as it would give us all an idea of how different every reality has been.