Our third network meeting has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Veneto, Italy.
We will keep an eye on the situation and we will be announcing new dates soon.

If you had already purchased flights and train tickets please speak with your University as you might be entitled to a refund by your University travel insurance.

Our third network meeting will be held in
Padova, IT March 23rd-27th 2020!

Students should be arriving on Sunday night. CINCHRON partners are required to attend at least on Thursday and Friday (unless they are teaching on the previous days).

Hotel M14, Via Acquette, 9 – 35122 Padua

Informatics labs at “Fiore di Botta” (Via del Pescarotto 8, 35131).
Botanical gardens (via Orto Botanico 15, 35123).

All the CINCHRON PIs and students, the representatives of CINCHRON associate partners (BioBee, Oxitec, CREA), and the two scientific advisers: Fernanda Ceriani and Paul Schimdt.

Non-CINCHRON students will be allowed to join Monday-Thursday

SUNDAY 22nd March 2020
Students arrivals

MONDAY 23rd March 2020
All day: Bioinformatics (C. Romualdi, G. Sales, A. Biscontin, Universita’ di Padova)

TUESDAY 24th March 2020
Morning: Comparative Insect Chronobiology 1 (M. Pegoraro, Liverpool John Moores University)
Afternoon: Graduate Committee meeting, Training passport and Personal Development Plan update
Evening: Fernanda Ceriani’s research talk

WEDNESDAY 25th March 2020
Morning: Comparative Insect Chronobiology 2 (C. H. Foerster, University of Wuerzburg, D. Dolezel, Biology Center, České Budějovice)
Afternoon: Silkworm breeding Genetics and visit to CREA
Evening: Paul Schmidt’s research talk

THURSDAY 26th March 2020
Student’s talks and poster presentations
Evening: research seminar
Conference dinner

FRIDAY 27th March 2020
Supervisory Committees
Social activity

OPTIONAL: departures for the alpine hike

SATURDAY 28th March 2020