2. Groningen

Our second network meeting will be held in
Groningen, NL July 1st-6th 2019!

>>> The slides of the courses carried out in Groningen are being uploaded here (Password protected) <<<

Attendees should be arriving on Sunday night. CINCHRON partners are required to attend on Monday and Tuesday only (unless they are teaching on the following days), and students are required to attend until Friday afternoon (departing on Saturday morning).

Groningen, NL.
STUDENTS: Martini Hotel, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8, 9711 HG Groningen, Netherlands

EVERYONE ELSE: Best Western, Radesingel 50, 9711 EK Groningen

All the CINCHRON PIs and students, the representatives of CINCHRON associate partners (BioBee, Oxitec, CREA), and the two CINCHRON scientific advisers: Fernanda Ceriani and Paul Schimdt.
CINCHRON EC Project Officer Elisa Failla will be attending Day 1 (Monday).
Non-CINCHRON students will be allowed to join from Wednesday onwards.


MONDAY 1st July
Progress review.
On this day the progress of the first year of the Network will be assessed. We will start with the Coordinator’s report, followed by the students’ presentations. The ESRs will have the opportunity to meet the EC Project Officer to voice any concerns or questions.

TUESDAY 2nd July
– Administrative sessions
– Supervisory committees
– Social activity

R3 Circadian neurogenetics

R4 Population, Quantitative & Evolutionary Genetics

C3 Business and science
C4 Intellectual properties