November 2018

R1. History of chronobiology
R2. Insect Seasonality
C1. Managing your science
C2. Scientific integrity

  • Groningen, NL

December 2019

R5. Population and evolutionary genetics
T3. Imaging
C4. Business and science
C5. Intellectual property
P1. Open day for public attendance

  • České Budějovice, CZ

April 2021

R8. Life histories and ecological genetics
R9. Insect behaviour
C7. career planning, opportunities within EU

  • Krakow, PL

May 2022

Student talks
P3. Open day for public attendance

  • Padova, IT

May 2019

R3. Circadian neurogenetics
R4. Comparative insect clocks
C3. Publication and dissemination
T1. Silkworm breeding genetics
T2. Biostatistics for chronobiology
CREA visits

  • Haifa, IL

August 2020

R7. Medical/agricultural implications of insect vectors
T4. Sterile insect release techniques- field visits, demonstrations
C6. Entrepreneurship

  • Leicester, UK

September 2021

T5. Site visits to Oxitec
C3. Company matters
P2. Open day for public attendance